Monday, October 4, 2010

Vivaldi- Four Seasons

In class the other day (as to what day, I am at a loss... My mind is quite incapable of recalling anything so detailed) we were listening to the Four Seasons, by Vivaldi.  Though we listened to only a short excerpt from each, each section clearly portrayed the season through Vivaldi's eyes. His piece, Spring, was laced with short, staccato melodies wonderfully depicting the carefree, whimsical mood of the season. With gentle, fluttering flutes and joyous violins harmonizing melodiously, Spring was a pleasure to hear. Vivaldi continued on to Summer, a distinct contrast to the cheery season prior. Arduous and sweltering, Summer was composed of heavy and somber melodies. This differed from my expectation, though I suppose without air conditioning and refrigerators, summer would not seem as lovely to me either. Vivaldi continued on to Autumn, a time of harvest and celebration. Like Spring, Autumn was a merry and jubilant composition. The melodies echoed the dance and joy of the farmers. With Winter, Vivaldi orchestrated a mournful collection of bleak and burdensome melodies. There was a suspense in the air generated by the strained 'heartbeat' of the minor melodies. The solo violin seems to plea for respite.

This got me thinking. What if life, like Vivaldi's Four Season, came with background music? Ever notice the shirts depicting the phrase "I come with my own background music" and wished it were so? I have. Constantly. Oh to be flanked by an orchestra portraying musically my inner thoughts and emotions. It sure would make awkward silences less painful.

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