Tuesday, October 5, 2010

General Conference

Have you ever read a series of books from first to last? There is something so unique about an experience such as that. It's different then reading a book here and a book there. You become a part of the series: woven into the very characters and plots. The stories come alive. Well, the same experience happened to me at General Conference. 
Back in Thailand, General conference would go something like this: A week after it had occurred in the States, we would watch it one Sunday together as a family. Though this may sound normal, it wasn't as planned and precise as this. It was rather sporadic. We'd watch an hour here, an hour next week. Sometimes two hours on one relatively free Saturday. It was as though it were a chore to complete conference. (I'd like to point out that this was mainly a fault of the children. My parents would watch it and try to have us do the same, but something always came up... something always did, as tragic as it sounds) When conference came around this year, I didn't know what to expect. 
There was a electricity in the air before saturday. People were talking about it at school. Think about it- People were talking about General Conference at SCHOOL. Already I was rather perplexed by the state of things. When I sat down with the wonderful Mortensen family on saturday morning, I realized just how beautiful Conference can be. 
It was a blessing. Just like those books I can't put down, Conference enveloped me in the spirit. I wanted to time to stop and leave me submerged in the wonder of those talks.  I've never experienced anything quite like that. It was a spiritual high, you could say, and experience I cannot wait to repeat. 

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