Friday, September 17, 2010


I don't generally consider myself a sarcastic figure. Though, I must admit, sarcasm is displayed all around me. My sister alone has been given to say that her whole humor is based on sarcasm and cynic. As such, I decided to interview the sarcasm queen, my twin sister Haley. Here it goes: 

"Sarcasm isn't just a sense of humor, it's a way of life. A philosophy, if you will. Many people who think they are hilarious, generally think they are able to be sarcastic, but this is not the case. As the saying goes "practice makes perfect." You have to work REALLY hard to be as successful as I am. I wake up each day and look at myself in the mirror and say something along the lines of;
      "Why, hello Medusa... glad to see your hair is still as luscious as ever"
"Sure, I use myself as a victim sometimes... it's painful, yes, but necessary. It's important to begin your sarcastic attitude at the beginning of the day, so it peaks by midafternoon. It's like waking up on the wrong side of bed... It's good to be cranky."
"Some people find sarcasm slightly offensive, but I say, 'hey, it's your choice to be offended, I'm just stating the obvious'. Note, friends may lessen. Luckily, I have a twin who is legally obliged to stay by my side through thick and thin... She is my punching bag, blood is thicker than water. It's also thicker than grapejuice, which is quite delicious... hmm... I want grapejuice" (at this point, I roll my eyes)

Well... There you have it. The truth of sarcasm from the queen herself. (Haley looks at what i've written and responds "I'm so awesome, aren't I?... thank you, I'll be here till Thursday" ) It's true. Sarcastic people are rather awesome. But what has driven society as a a whole to resort to such humor? Undoubtedly, it takes a true master of wit to be sarcastic, but has it not decreased in skill over the years?  It seems now that everyone is doing it.  Well, should I say, everyone TRIES. And society's feeble attempt at sarcasm has lowered it's infamous reputation. Not only are the more superior attempting sarcasm, but the lower intellects too... WHAT IS THIS?! And what does Haley, the Queen of Sarcasm, have to say about this quandary? "Everybody thinks they're sarcastic, but only the truly sarcastic are able to be loved at the same time... like me... you love me, right?"

PS: Haley would also like you to know that she has mastered the arts of playful banter, cynicism, slapstick comedy and general hilariousness... her phone number is 801-512-totally joking. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thai Ruby

Without the presence of any Thai paraphernalia, I have been able to fool myself into believing that I did not miss my Thailand. Unfortunately, as I walked into the Thai Ruby, my loss hit me like a brick wall. Oh, how I've missed my Thailand. How I have dreamt of the sweet succulent fruits and the spicy meats. How I have missed my Asian culture and spirit houses. The shadow puppets of another life smiled at me warmly and opened their wooden arms to accept me. I was home. Or in a home away from home. *Sigh* I never wanted to leave.
Reality snuck up on me as my group sat at the table in the corner. They stared at me expectantly, wondering why I was immersed in the silly little puppets on the walls. "Right" I thought to myself "I'm here for class... I should get back to work." Sullenly, but still boosted by the Thai environment, I sat down. I opened up the menu that was handed to me and found, to my immense joy the writing of the Thai Language! Oh, I WAS home! I greedily looked at all the foods before me, eager to begin my feast. A slight dent in my back pocket reminded me, rather nastily, that I only had 7 dollars and would be sharing my meal with everyone else. "Ah... I suppose that means no spicy food..." I thought to persuade my group to try the chili-infested beef stir-fry, but something held me back. Be it compassion or just cowardliness, I know not.

A Reflection of Elder Eyring's Speech

May I be frank? Hah, I suppose I can. What is a blog, if not a blatantly truthful medium? Alright then.Now that we've got that settled, let's proceed.
I am not a fan of annotating. There, I said it... Annotations? Not my thing. Scribbling down my unintelligible chicken scratches doesn't exactly float my boat. I prefer the flow of the story. The push and pull of the lines mingled with the defining examples of literary devices. To read is to be swarmed with the author's story. To immerse oneself into a world unlike your own. Annotating halts the flow. This perhaps would be why I approached my English homework with such reserve. And yet, as I opened the first page of Henry B. Eyring's speech titled "A Child of God", the words filled my soul with peace. He spoke with such familiarity and with such humility that softened my soul.
Something that struck a chord with my own learning, was Elder Eyring's mention of of the plan of salvation. If I may quote, he said "Life at its longest is short. What we do here determines the rest of our condition for eternity." Though this statement is simple it is immensely profound. I have often thought of this myself. God gives us everything and all that he asks in return is to "give him all we have to give." Though to a human mind, enduring to the end sounds very arduous, think of the rewards in heaven. As Elder Hale spoke in his devotional "get an afterlife!" I try my very hardest to learn all I can, not for my personal gain, but rather so I can make my Heavenly Father proud.