Monday, October 4, 2010

The Horrid Weather

I woke up this morning, my alarm clock buzzing in my ear. With groggy eyes, I glanced at the dreadful device that is my clock. "7:10" it said. Waaaaiiiittt.... 7:10?! It can't be 7:10! It's DARK... where's the SUN?! ... With frozen thumbs fumbling for my robe, I quickly swathed myself in layers to oppose the chill that permeated my room. Shuffling with socks to the nearest window, I peeked outside, only to prove my former assumption. Nope, the sun was not yet out. So it couldn't possibly by 7:10... Right, back to sleep.
A couple of minutes late, eight short, sweet minutes to be exact, and my alarm clock sprang to life once more. Oh joy... This time, with robe still hanging from my arms from my previous excursion, I set forth to find a clock... a DIFFERENT more RELIABLE clock then my absurd little alarm. Off I went, into the frozen tundra to the stove clock. To my dismay it was indeed 7:10... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SUN?
The point of this blog, though it may seem as though I am simply complaining, really is just that. I dislike this weather. I loathe the lack of sun. I despise the frost on my finger tips and dripping mucus from my nose (sorry for the imagery)... And I hear it's only going to get worse? SEND ME BACK TO THAILAND. I'd rather tan then be stuck in this horrid, horrid weather...

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