Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thai Ruby

Without the presence of any Thai paraphernalia, I have been able to fool myself into believing that I did not miss my Thailand. Unfortunately, as I walked into the Thai Ruby, my loss hit me like a brick wall. Oh, how I've missed my Thailand. How I have dreamt of the sweet succulent fruits and the spicy meats. How I have missed my Asian culture and spirit houses. The shadow puppets of another life smiled at me warmly and opened their wooden arms to accept me. I was home. Or in a home away from home. *Sigh* I never wanted to leave.
Reality snuck up on me as my group sat at the table in the corner. They stared at me expectantly, wondering why I was immersed in the silly little puppets on the walls. "Right" I thought to myself "I'm here for class... I should get back to work." Sullenly, but still boosted by the Thai environment, I sat down. I opened up the menu that was handed to me and found, to my immense joy the writing of the Thai Language! Oh, I WAS home! I greedily looked at all the foods before me, eager to begin my feast. A slight dent in my back pocket reminded me, rather nastily, that I only had 7 dollars and would be sharing my meal with everyone else. "Ah... I suppose that means no spicy food..." I thought to persuade my group to try the chili-infested beef stir-fry, but something held me back. Be it compassion or just cowardliness, I know not.

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